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Dhaka Pediatric Neonatal and General Hospital (ঢাকা শিশু-নবজাতক জেনারেল হাসপাতাল) starts its operation since 15th September, 2002. A GENERAL HOSPITAL FOR YOUR HEALTH WITH SUPER-SPECIALITY IN TREATMENT OF MOTHER, CHILD AND NEWBORNS.

The motto of Dhaka Pediatric Neonatal and General Hospital (in short “DPNGH”) is to give honest, caring, compassionate and cost-effective patient care to the people of Bangladesh with special care for the Newborn and the Mother. The consultants working at DPNGH are the best with national repute. The quality of medical care is always monitored so that the patients are assured with best treatment given to them.

Our Mother and Child care center offers you specialized service under renowned professional and skilled doctors to ensure that your baby is in safe hands. We offer 24 hours Obstetrics & Gynecology, Neonatal and Pediatrics emergency service with the following facilities:


Modern operation theatre

Neonatal & Pediatrics ICU

Neonatal ventilator for critical respiratory care and CPAP

Giraffe Omni bed incubator and standard regular incubator

Phototherapy unit

Closed incubator / radiant warmer

Follow up clinic for high risk newborns

Vaccination center

Parental nutrition


Description: C:UsersShirin ^Desktopcheckbox.png Our NICU and PICU Services & Facilities are:

24 hours supervision under guidance of highly experienced consultant

24 hours presence of NICU and PICU doctors.

24 hours trained nursing staff for each individual patient (1:1 ratio in level lll).

Hi-Tech vital sign monitor for patients.

Noninvasive Haemo-dynamic monitoring system.

Syringe & infusion pumps for metered medications and accurate volume infusions.

Modern ventilator with monitoring.

CPAP facilities with efficient medical grade humidifier.

Instant ABG analysis and electrolyte assessment.

Modern incubator - (Giraffe) and also radiant warmer and incubators.

Mobile X-ray machine within the Care Unit.

Bed side Echocardiogram and Ultra sonogram.

3 level of NICU care are existent :


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Level lll - Managing very sick & preterm babies, providing ventilator & CPAP facilities.


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Level ll - HID facilities for managing sick newborn.


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Level l - Management of neonatal jaundice with phototherapy, managing infants of Diabetic mother & routine checkup of well baby, observation of normal baby.

Different modalities of modern phototherapy units like single, double, LED phototherapy facilities.

Facilities for exchange transfusion in newborn.


Description: C:UsersShirin ^Desktopcheckbox.png Pediatric surgery:


Pediatric Surgery is different from other surgical principles as it deals with kids, who are special patients because of their potential to grow, anatomic variations, different disease patterns, and different psychology. In Pediatric Surgery, precision is of utmost importance and ever vigilance is the rule. The entire pediatric surgical team is highly experienced in the most up-to-date methods in pediatric surgical healthcare, including the latest surgical techniques like minimal access surgeries, pediatric anesthetic techniques and pediatric intensive care.

Ranging from basic day care procedures to complicated hepatobiliary, portal hypertension vascular shunt surgeries, intricate neonatal surgeries, major thoracic procedures and complex oncological resectional procedures, the hospital delivers the highest levels of expertise comparable to the best in the country. The minimal invasive advanced pediatric procedures are commonly done with its advantages of minimal post-operative pain, early recovery and avoidance of a long scar. We treat our pediatric surgical patients very delicately and with compassion, keeping in mind the emotion and feelings of the parents and family.

Our medical experts assist patients with routine care such as periodical gynecological check-ups and prenatal care, as well as more complex issues such as treatment for abnormal pap smears, menstrual disorders, and benign (non-cancerous) tumors or cysts. Our MOM’s Clinic works to meet all your needs and preferences from early pregnancy through childbirth and postnatal periods. For patients with pre-existing conditions or who develop complications, our specialists formulate special treatment plan to offer the best care you need.


Description: C:UsersShirin ^Desktopcheckbox.png Our services include:


Routine Check-up & Ultrasound


Childbirth: Maternity Unit


Antenatal Counseling Sessions


Our modern Maternity Unit (Mom’s Clinic) is fully equipped to meet all needs of our patients during labor and delivery. The unit includes ultra-modern labor OT, delivery rooms and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. We have highly specialized medical staff providing 24-hour care for mother and child.

Description: C:UsersShirin ^Desktopcheckbox.png Our MOM’s Clinic features:


Exclusive delivery rooms specially designed to create a comfortable setting during labor & delivery


Continuous electronic monitoring of mother and baby


Fully equipped operation theatre (OT) with all modern technology on-site where emergency caesarean section can be arranged within 1 hour.


Painless delivery by epidural analgesia


Availability of anesthesia support in case of emergencies.


Availability of blood bank support


Presence of a neonatologist at the time of birth to provide initial care for the new born where required


Special recovery rooms to support the new mother with one-to-one care and assistance in making breast feeding a successful experience


Modern Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at fingertip for special medical care of premature babies with complex health problems like pre-maturity, low birth weight, jaundice, and conditions requiring surgery immediately after birth.


In short, Dhaka Pediatric Neonatal and General Hospital (ঢাকা শিশু-নবজাতক জেনারেল হাসপাতাল) has a very well experienced and accomplished team of medical practitioners, technicians, nurses and other administrative staff. Hospital has around 25 renowned Senior Consultants of different specialties and around 10 In-house Doctors who are always available. Our Out Patient Services in different multi-specialties are available from 5 pm to 10 pm (Saturday - Thursday) and emergency is always open.

The Hospital has 2 Operation Theatres, 6 Bed Post-Operative, 25 Bed NICU, 5 Bed PICU, Special Mom’s Clinic, Radiology Services, Emergency Department, Pathology Services, round the clock ambulance, pharmacy and other diagnostic services. The hospital has bed strength of 100 beds with cabin accommodation meeting patients various demand like VIP Cabin, Deluxe Cabin, Executive Cabin, Twin Cabin and Single Cabin and WARD are available.

In a span of around 11 years, the hospital has performed a variety of major Pediatric Surgeries, Neonatal Surgeries, Cesarean Surgeries and other surgeries/procedures with a very high success rate. DPNG Hospital provided extremely critical NICU supports and PICU support to thousands of patients every year with a very high success rate.

We have been enriched with your advice and support since we started our journey and that’s made us so special.  We wish to remain as same and continuously upgrade with more support and advice from you.